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Venture Capitalist and industry expert Spiros Margaris joins the Advisory Board of Hufsy ApS

Spiros Margaris

“When the Hufsy board and management asked me to join the advisory board, saying yes felt very easy to do because I wanted very much to be part of a great FinTech story in the making”! - says No. 1 Global FinTech Influencer and founder of Margaris Ventures

Hufsy ApS announced the addition of Spiros Margaris, the leading global FinTech and InsurTech expert with more than 25 years of international management and investment experience, to its advisory board. Hufsy offers digital business banking especially tailored for freelancers, self-employed and SMEs.

A business bank account can be created in under 10 minutes with Hufsy. The service is smooth, simple and secure. In addition to having an account, users can select from various financial services such as invoicing, VAT and tax calculations and accounting. User experience is the priority for the team behind Hufsy and they are working hard to enable the customers to focus their resources on their business and not their banking, saving them precious time and money.

Spiros Margaris is the only person who reached “The Triple Crown” of influencer ranking by being awarded the global No.1 FinTech, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain influencer by Onlaytica (05/2018). Established global industry influencer rankings regularly vote him into the top three positions. He is a speaker at renowned international FinTech and InsurTech conferences, and he publishes articles on his innovation proposals and thought leadership.

Mr. Margaris underlines “Hufsy doesn’t need to be the first mover in the neo and challenger bank industry. The neo and challenger bank industry is still in its early stages and customer market share will shift around among new neo and challenger bank players and the incumbent banks.” “However, we, at Hufsy, need to do things better, simpler and with much more focus than our competitors to provide a compelling value proposition that works for our clients.” he explains and strongly believes “that after several long discussions had with the Hufsy board, management and the team, that they follow exactly a philosophy and strategy that I can stand behind 100 per cent and will lead to success.”

Kristoffer Borg Petersen, CEO of Hufsy ApS emphasizes “I’m very glad to have him on board as well as closely work with him. It is a great opportunity for Hufsy and we can definitely benefit from the outstanding network, knowledge and experience of Spiros Margaris.” He also adds that “It will help us to pursue our goal to tackle the German market as well as expanding all over Europe”.

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