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More business, less banking.

Hufsy is a smart bank account and full-scale financial system for fast-moving companies and freelancers to help save time and provide all the key business metrics of your company.

An intelligent bank account

Your account with Hufsy is pretty smart – and gets smarter with time.

Easy sign up

It only takes minutes to set up and it’s fully digital. No paperwork required.

Real-time insights

Your Hufsy dashboard gives you all the essentials, for fast and easy decision-making.

Debit card

You’ll receive a debit card with your Hufsy account for physical and online payments.

Hufsy Marketplace

Connecting the tools you’re already using will help you save valuable time and make fully informed decisions.


All stored data in Hufsy is encrypted and cryptographically verified making our platform secure and ready for the future.

Banking. Accounting. Tracking. Everything is now connected.

Hufsy is designed around the needs of small businesses and freelancers. This will allow you to optimise cash flow management and focus on growing your business.

How it works.

Hufsy is what you like about a bank – it’s safe and trustworthy. Then there is all the good stuff. You get the banking service of the future. An intelligent layer added on top of the bank. Designed for companies with a need for speed and convenience.

All there's to know about pricing. Simple.

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  • Business bank account
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  • Access to Hufsy Marketplace
  • Business Mastercard Debit
  • 3 free withdrawals per month 1,20 € per extra withdrawal
  • No foreign exchange mark up

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