We’re a passionate team of geeks with deep financial expertise backed by highly experienced investors. We’re centrally located in the heart of Copenhagen and Berlin, where we work hard to build Hufsy.

Rafal Lipinski
CEO & Founder
Annine Bentzen
Head of Engagement
Asger Vigen
Senior UX/UI Designer
Lasse Kristensen
Senior UX/UI Designer
Swana Hauck
Marketing Associate
Markus Padourek
Lead Backend Developer
Tonni Hyldgaard
iOS Developer
Niko Muttilainen
Business Analyst
Head of Cuteness
Joachim Klintfält
Video Wiz
Domile Cepaite
Video Wiz
Tony Wendt
Head of Legal
Charlie Leahy
Head of Software Architecture & Data Science
Brian Thomsen
Head of Marketing
William Schultz
Business Developer

Trust. Trust. Trust.

We believe that trust is something you earn through hard work. We’re working hard to earn yours and all of our other customers through consistently providing you with the best service.

Nordic simplicity

Everything is made with a Scandinavian mindset that is obsessively focused on quality and simplicity. Cutting away the unnecessary to build the highest possible banking experience for you.

It’s all about you

We work to make your life easier. Hufsy is about you and how we can improve your banking process to make it as easy and trouble-free as possible.


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